World Science Center
Main dome
Spacial-Temporal Information
Wsc stats
Date 1/17/2310AD
Planet Earth
Elevation 81.51m
Longitude 152_21_47_E
Latitude 33_41_38_S
Items Blomi 2PCS
Characters Mercury
Game information
Game The Journeyman Project Turbo!, Pegasus Prime

World Science Center is an installation located in New Sydney, 281.5m above ground.



One of the corridors of the World Science Center

In 2310 a Conference on Alien Interchange (als "Symposium on Alien Contact") was made by the Scientific Advisory Council of the United Earth Ministries in order to decide what answer to give to the Cyrollan delegation, expected to return in some years. Elliot Sinclair was present there and posed his skepticism and objections about joining the alien Symbiotry, but Enrique Castillo's following speech was instrumental to a positive decision.

In order to prevent the membership to the dangerous aliens, Sinclair sent back in time the android Mercury to assassinate Castillo before giving the speech. The attempt was prevented by Agent 5 who neutralized the android.

Tamara Walsh was employed as receptionist between 2/1/2311 and 7/10/2313.


WSC diagram

Diagram of the WSC.

The WSC is a star-shaped complex with six wings numbered clockwise around a central dome structure. The central dome includes the Main Auditorium.


Residents of the Research Wing 3 included: M. Hernandez, C. Washington, M. Sullivan, Elliot Sinclair, J. Nakamura and Glenner.

Behind the scenesEdit

The original Journeyman Project gives the coordinates of the facility as latitude 33° 41′ 38″ and longitude 151° 81′ 47″ E. Which fall somewhere in SE Australia. However the longitude minutes number (81′) is impossible, so the above link assumes that the number 151° 81′ corresponds to 152° 21′.