Wire Cutters are an item found in Journeyman Project Turbo (or the original version). They are not found in Pegasus Prime.

The Damascus steel blades of these hydraulic based wire cutters are able to cut through any wire or cable with ease.

The Wire Cutters were originally located in a toolbox in the underground transport shuttle in the Mars Morimoto Colony, along with the Maintenance Key for the power generator.

Wire Cutters can be used to cut the lock on the control box from the utility room where Mercury is about to assassinate Enrique Castillo at the World Science Center. The control box allows Blackwood to defeat Mercury in a non-violent Ghandi method.

Behind the scenesEdit

As mentioned the Wire Cutters are not found in Pegasus Prime, instead the player can defeat Mercury by filling an Argonne Canister at the Norad VI, and throwing it at Mercury. Though the control box can still be seen in the room.

In Pegasus Prime the player finds a Power Crowbar inside of a glove box in the similar location in the shuttle.