Template:Picture Vega Thalon is an automated outpost serving as the last remaining high-security penal colony for the worst offenders. It is situated on Titan.

Elliot Sinclair was imprisoned in Vega Thalon.

During his trial for tampering with history for personal gain, Agent 5 faced life imprisonment on Vega Thalon

Agent 3 somehow escaped her JumpSuit and found her way to Vega Thalon prison to question aged and ill Elliot Sinclair on the motifs of the Cyrollans and Quo'thalas. Sinclair, informed her of the sites of El Dorado and Shangri La, which she visited and left messages to Gage Blackwood. She then returned to Vega Thalon, and sent her suit to Atlantis.[1] Soon after she was joined by Gage Blackwood who received her messages, and they were the last to talk to Sinclair. He died soon after.


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