The Unwá are a mysterious and secretive race


Nothing is known about their life span, reproduction practices, habits, nutritional, social and physiological needs.

Each individual Unwá is an individual species which constantly evolves differently from the others. Responding to immediate environments and absorbing local materials (and creatures, as suspected) each individual modifies their physiologiy constantly evolving through its lifetime.

Communication and senses vary by individual.


Unwá are by nature nomadic beings travelling from planet to planet alone or in clans of 3-5 individuals. They are always aware of the locations of other Unwá.

They are timid until establishing trust, and can be friendly. They don't like the company of other races for extended periods of times. Their secretivity makes them paranoid.


Nothing is known about the origin or the home planet of the Unwá; according to a theory they were engineered by another ancient race. They have been valuable contributors to the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings. Their current seat of representation is Xulang, 1st planet of Orestes system.

The Unwá believed that the existence of time travel technology represents a threat to the history of every race in the Symbiotry and that all existing time machines should be completely dismantled. Following the arrest of Gage Blackwood, they were joined by the Lôxôni and the Krynn to their position.