The Tyrannosaurus was a dinosaur living in the prehistoricc land in 199,997,682 BC. It only appears in Journeyman Project Turbo and Gage Blackwood only sees its shadow on the cliffs of the canyon shortly before he finds the rock panel where the Journeyman Key is used to get the Historical Log.

Behind the scenesEdit

The shadow of the carnivorous dinosaur does not appear in Pegasus Prime. In its place the most similar creature is the so called Hypsolophodon (sic) that can be seen in a death message if the player is not careful exploring a cave in the past (although technically speaking hypsilophodon is a vegetarian ornithid, and not carnivorous).

Technically its not easy nor necessarily possible to tell the exact species of the creature shadow, although the details of the hands roughly appear to be two fingered like the T Rex, it also appears to be rather large based on its shadow (although technically the shadow could be projected and magnified larger than the creature actually is). So there is the potential that it could be the meat eater that appears in death scene images in the remake, although its not actually specified. However the head structure is not necessarily a perfect match. Many unofficial let's play and walktjroughs that comment on this scene generally call it the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Also trex are dated to late cretaceous about 67-66 million years ago, which is much later. Allosaurus is another similar dinosaur, with three fingers and lived around early Cretaceous or about 140,000 million years ago. If on the smaller end of meat eaters it might resemble a deinonychus or utahraptor but likewise these all existed into the early to late cretaceous between 140,000 to 65 million years ago.