The Jumpsuit aka Time Displacement Unit is a device for time travel. It was an improvement over the previous technology of Pegasus, made possible with technological exchange with the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings, and the work of Dr. William Daughton.

There are ten TSA's Jumpsuits, coded specifically to the DNA of the agent to which it has been assigned, and cannot be used by anyone other than the assignee. Unauthorized tampering with the suit will result in the self-destruction of its neurocircuitry. The suits' circuitry was designed by Margine Chow.

It is capable of housing the gravity containment devices and Neutrino Matrix Accelerator in a convenient and wearable suit. It is also the first time travel engine capable of transporting itself along with its user through time. Its capability to forge its own null-time tunnel between locations, it eliinated the need to return to the present between jumps.

The major benefits of the Suit was the ability of multiple agents freely move through time at will. After years of usage without incident, the JumpSuit changed the prevailing opinion on the security of time travel. In 2327 the Temporal Security Annex expanded to include a division for research objectives, the Deep Time Unit.

Though the Jumpsuit offers freedom of travel, it does not provide the agent with much protection. For this reason, it has been equipped with

  • cloaking technology that renders it invisible to onlookers. This feature is vital to the members of the Deep Time Unit, who must exercise extreme discretion while researching the past. However, as moving destroys the illusion of invisibility, the suit's navigation buttons are disabled while it is cloaked.
  • oxygen re-breather and compressed air supply for environments with little or no oxygen. This reserve will immediately refill once the agent has returned to an oxygenated environment.
  • The temporal pocket contains items collected by an agent, which is actually a null-space void. When placed in the void, objects take up no space and are not a burden to the agent. Such items can be easily retrieved by just dragging their inventory display icons into the main view window.

Behind the scenesEdit

One actual JumpSuit was constructed and worn by the actors for the two games it appears. The faceplate numbers were modified in post-production. Michelle Schiarabelli, Farshid Almassizadeh and Tommy Yune were those who wore the suit. For some time the prop was held in the San Diego area.[1]


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