The Journeyman Project Tribute is a fan-based HD remake of the classic The Journeyman Project, lead by Andy Curry and his crew. The game will have the same storyline as the original game with some additions, and with improved HD graphics made from scratch using Blender. The Journeyman Project Tribute is currently in pre-production; the project was launched in March 2011.


Game engineEdit

The Journeyman Project Tribute uses the Blender engine as base technology from Blender Foundation. Blender is a powerful open source 3D graphics application that can be used for creating 3d models, rendered stills, animated film or visual effects. The goal of Andy Curry is that all the game footage (environments, walking animations etc) be done completely within Blender engine and put it all together using a to-be-determined game engine to keep the project open source.


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