The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is an adventure computer game developed by Presto Studios and published by Bandai in 1997. It is a complete remake of the original Journeyman Project, using some of the actors from The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time.

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime


The following is a list of actors who played the characters encountered in the game.

Actor Character
Graham Jarvis Dr. Elliot Sinclair
Jose Albanil NORAD security guard
Liz Batchman Artificial intelligence
Bob Bell WSC Scientist
Connie Cragel Megan Love
Jack H. Davis Evil scientist
Paul Eggington Dr. Enrique Castillo
Ed Hofmeister WSC security guard
David Huffman President Roberto Jimenez
Jeanne Juneau Kiosk spokesperson
Daniel Mann Jack Baldwin
Todd McCormick Gage Blackwood - Agent 5
Lauren Morimoto Mars spokesperson
Phil Saunders Cyrollan transmission
Michele Scarabelli Michelle Visard - Agent 3
Tim Tembreull WSC Scientist
Erik Thompson Narrator
Ray Uhler Mark Johnson
Christa Vogele Dr. Sabrina Walchek
Tommy Yune Dr. Seiji Matsumoto

Story And GameplayEdit

Based on the story of the original Journeyman Project, the graphics and gameplay have been completely re-done to show off, what once was the capabilities of the latest game technology. Fully-animated motion with updated graphics, realistic robot adversaries, and new gameplay sequences were some of the improvements.


Prime soundtrack

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime Soundtrack

soundtrack for the game was released in 2012 with the music produced and composed by Geno Andrews, Jack Harris, and Bob Stewart with guitar performances by Kevin "Kev" Rones. The soundtrack contains music from The Journeyman Project and The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime. The soundtrack is available for purchase at Presto Studios'website.

01 - Through the Roof
02 - The Year 2318
03 - Anticipation
04 - Good Morning, Caldoria
05 - 4D Warmup
06 - Phantom Blue Orchestra
07 - Acoustic Clouds
08 - Power Tower Funk
09 - Scrapyard Gearhythms
10 - Industrial Nuage
11 - Elevator Ride
12 - Back to the Grind
13 - Temporal Quartet
14 - Alert Status Alpha
15 - Into the Time Stream
16 - Historical Log
17 - Another World
18 - Mining Colony
19 - "Out of my way, human"
20 - Lost Below
21 - Race Against Time
22 - All Clear for Takeoff (featuring Kevin "Kev" Rones)
23 - Coprates Minor
24 - "I've been expecting you"
25 - Poisoned
26 - Organic Walls
27 - The Other Side/Creature Feature
28 - "You are no match for me"
29 - Plasma Rock
30 - Resolution
31 - Caldoria Heights
32 - Mission Accomplished
33 - The Journeyman Fanfare
34 - Ripples on the Horizon
35 - Pegasus Forever (featuring Kevin "Kev" Rones)


North American (1997)Edit

Originally announced as a "Director's Cut", It was released solely for the Power Macintosh by Bandai Digital Entertainment in North America. It contained a 4 disk set which required disk swapping during gameplay. There were plans to port the game to the PlayStation (with publisher Acclaim Entertainment) and Sega Saturn in the U.S., but these versions were never released. As a result, original disks of the Mac-only game have been very rare to find.

Japan (1997)Edit

The title was released in Japan for the Apple Pippin and PlayStation.


In the fall, the game begun to be supported by beta versions of ScummVM, making it playable for platforms which support this VM.[1][2] However it requires extraction of the game files from the original CDs to a hard disk.[3]

Presto Studios has annouced a re-make of the unreleased DVD-ROM version. No release date has been announced.[4]

Remake Available on GOG.COM


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