Ssar is the name of the 8th planet in the Orestes system and the race. Its atmosfphere consists of Nitrus Oxide and its gravity is 1.46G.


They are an heterogenous race, with varying sizes (the smallest being .25m and the biggest 6m). They have a multitude of pseudopodia radiating from all directions. Thanks to their organic magnetism, their cells modify their natural magnetic polarities to complement any material. This most unusual trait allows them to adhere to any physical condition (surface, orientation, gravity or lack thereof), and are equally found on the floor or walls.

They can smell, taste, see and hear in a borad range of frequencies, enabling them to communicate with almost any other race.

Thanks to their advanced bio-technologies, they are self-sufficient, not needing food to survive.


Their language is tone-based and their writing resembles music notation.

The size variances are culturally overlooked and the Ssar are very fraternal.

Because of their defiance of gravity, Ssarian architecture is spectacular, as every surface is designed to be seen and occupied from multiple orientations.

Their art, architecture and festivities are renowned but they are also highly social and curious about other races and technologies although they respect privacy. They also infamous for practical jokes at the expense of other races. They are considered whimsical and vain, seen decorating spaces and adorned themselves with extravagancy, and they are interested in precious collectibles from other cultures.

Although they don't need nourishment to survive, they enjoy the sense of taste and seeking new cuisines.


The Ssar, like other races, have a past that they would rather bury. However they didn't join the races that favored dismantiling humanity's time travel technology.

They defended humanity's right to autonomy over its technology believing that humanity harbors a maturity beyond its years, and can be entrusted with preserving the sanctity of history.