"Self Awareness" is an interactive sculpture, part of the self/life*HERE. "Self Awareness" disrobes and enfolds into a chronolog of unfiltered emotion in a visceral response.


It was created by Arthur in Amarax.

Agent 3 jumped to Amarax and tampered it to morph into a schematic diagram of a neutrino matrix accelerator for the future Krynn. She tampered with the sculpture so that it reacted to a specific resonance. This "vandalism" infuriated Arthur. When he saw the schematics, he compared it to post-neotechnologism.

The four sculptures were discovered by the crew of Lazy Jane in 2282 and were accredited to Dr. Kenneth Farnstein. They were salvaged to earth and have long been the subject of much speculation and controversy, and gained immediate recognition as masterpieces.

Later it resided in the Louvre and was among the items to be sold in an auction. It was bought by Icarus.