The Richard I's Sword was one of the finest relics of the middle ages.

Its blade is forged steel masterfully engraved, embellished with intricate ornamental designs along its length. Its elegantly simplistic hilt is punctuated with a 4-carat diamond.


After Richard's death it remained in the hidden treasury of Château Gaillard.

Agent 3 traveled back in time and embedded an energy focusing element in its diamond for the future Krynn. The jewel refracted light in flawless mathematical patterns, to be used for the construction of a neutrino matrix accelerator.

After the Château was taken by Philip Augustus in 1204 the sword was thought to have been lost forever. It somehow found its way to the collection of a wealthy baron who hid his valuables in an underground bunker during World War II. It was there when it was rediscovered, in a condemned French castle in the year 2015.

Afterwards it resided in the Louvre and was one of the artifacts auctioned. It was bought by Icarus.