"You are no match for me human but I love a challenge"

He was sent by Dr Elliot Sinclair to the subsea facility Norad VI Beta sector to program missile silos to attack Ghorbestan.

He put sleeping gas to the ventilation system of the facility to neutralize all personnel. He is armed with plasma weapons and shot Gage Blackwood, then went to Alpha sector. He tried to activate several nuclear silos around the world (Honolulu, Dublin, Addis Ababa, San Antonio, Bangkok, Bonn, Seoul, Reykjavik, Svortalsk, Madrid) against Ghorbestan but they were each deactivated by Blackwood. Eventually maximum deactivation allotment exceeded and global override engaged.

Gage managed to overpower Poseidon by grabbing him with a mechanical loading claw. He also salvaged a Shield and Opmem biochips.

This robot's design is remarkably different from Ares' and Mercury's. His head is widened for a larger optical sensor and has a blue light instead of a red one. He also talks a lot more and shows great emotional anger when defeated.


  • "You are no match for me, human. But, I love a challenge!"
  • "I just wrote the launch codes, human. You'll never stop me!"
  • "You cannot possibly win."
  • "Heh, you will fail."
  • "Give up human, or I will be forced to eliminate you!"
  • "Huh, the only good human is a dead human."
  • "My mission must...not be...stopped (voice warps out)."
  • "What do you think this is, human? A GAME?!"


  • Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea; this name must be have a connection to the underwater site of NORAD.
  • Gage can kill Poseidon by using the door's pressure controls, which will crush him at the highest pressure point; however this solutions grants no Gandhi points.