Philippe II or Philip Augustus was born in 1165 and became Kng of France in 1180. An able leader, he participated in the Crusades and made France a Europen power. To restore the state of his empire he campaigned against King Richard I who tried to maintain Angevin rule over territories in northern France. After Richard's death England was financially crippled and Philip decided to reclaim Normandy, managing to recover territory after territory.

After the treaty of Le Goulet, King John gave Philip Augustus the Vexin and 20000 marks relief. 2 years later, his feigned support of the Lusignans gave him the excuse he was looking to declare war upon the royal house of England and begun his quest to restore the Norman empire and his name. By the first half of 1203, his troops took Gournay and Conches and set up camp on the Bernieres Peninsula.

He retook all territories held by England.