Norad VI
Spacial-Temporal Information
Norad stats
Date 15/5/2112AD
Planet Earth
Elevation -4.1585k
Longitude 30_21_47_W
Latitude 65_41_38_S
Characters Poseidon
Game information
Game The Journeyman Project Turbo!, Pegasus Prime

Norad VI was a nuclear underwater base in the SE Pacific Rim, operating as of 2112.

The corridors are divided in several sectors. Alpha Sector (green) lies to the northern section, Beta sector (red) to the west, Gamma sector (blue) to the south, Epsilon sector (purple) to the northeast.

The android Poseidon was sent from 2318 by Elliot Sinclair to execute a detonation above Ghorbestan, but his plans were thwarted by Agent 5.

Depending on the timeline (Journeyman Project Turbo vs Pegasus Prime) Norad VI is either made up of one installation with sectors connected via conduits, or several separated via an underwater canyon (each only accessible via sub).


These names are visible on the lockers around the base.

  • The Bear
  • Farsh
  • Flandamila
  • Fleep
  • Greggo
  • Hookster
  • Hoser
  • Matsumoto
  • Michelani
  • Zaphod B.

Trivia Edit

The latitude and longitude coordinates for the Norad base actually place it between South America and Africa, in the Atlantic, unlike what is depicted in the picture, where it is shown in the pacific. Edit

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