A Martian colony owned by Morimoto Corporation performing mining operations on Coprates Minor. By the mid-2180s it started to be converted from a mining colony to a tourist resort.

In 2185 a Cyrollan ship was sighted above the colony by a cargo shuttle, before leaving for the outskirts of the solar system. This was the first time humans undoubtedly saw an alien vessel.

In an alternate timeline, the android Ares sabotaged the Atmospheric Shield Generator (ASG) which destroyed the colony. Before that, he took a shuttle and destroyed the alien ship. As a result, humans believed that aliens are malevolent, and the Cyrollans believed that humans are xenophobic and hostile. This operation was averted by Gage Blackwood.


Shuttle DocksEdit

A sealed airbridge connects two Martian hills, to the south is the Emergency Exit 1. The corridor has 3 airlocks which give access to parked shuttles. To the north it reaches the main entrance to the colony proper, which is a domed environment.

The Mars Colony Main Entrance 3 is flanked by two corridors, the eastern one leads to the Ore Processing Machine Room 2, the western one to the Transport Room 4A.

Colony Main EntranceEdit

This leads to a lobby room with an information kiosk. The office is flanked by Colony Entrance 1 and 2. An employee is found lying, having been attacked by Ares. The Access Card can be found there.

To the South is the exit to the Shuttle Docks.

Transport RoomEdit

The room houses a shuttle pod Maintenance Transport for access in the maintenance tunnels.

Air Lock roomEdit

The air lock has a stand for Oxygen Masks. It has exits to the Shield Generator platform 4 to the east, Transport Room 2 and an Air Lock to the west leading to the mines.

Shield GeneratorEdit