"I've been expecting you"
Mercury human

Mercury in human form

Mercury was one of the three androids created by Dr. Elliot Sinclair. He had smart alloys which allowed him to morph.

Sinclair programmed Mercury and sent him back to Sinclair Laboratories in 2310, during the Symposium on Alien Contact rally. Armed with a blomi 2PCS, his objective was to assassinate Enrique Castillo, who had persuaded the scientists to trust the aliens. That way, humans would not join the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings. Mercury was instructed to make it look accidental but it did not matter.

His plans were foiled by Gage Blackwood. As he arrived in the laboratory, Mercury shot him with a dart dipped in dimenhydrinate. Mercury then morphed into a human and went to the Auditorium's electrical access.

Blackwod turned on the argon anti-fire system, disabling the robot and eventually self-destruct, leaving behind a blaster.

Mercury carried a Shield and a Retinal Bio-Chips.