The Mayan Coffer is an artifact that played a role in Mayan religious ceremonies.

It is a unusual jade and gold cylindrical coffer with an intricate locking system, resembling a Chinese puzzle box. The mechanism contains poisoned needles that jab anyone who does not open it with the proper combination


It was buried in the lowest level under the High Priest's Grave. It was discovered in 2027, the most important find from Chichén Itzá.

Michelle Visard, following Gage Blackwood, tampered with the coffer and hid an EC cartridge with instructions for the Krynn to build a neutrino matrix accelerator.
While investigating Visard's actions, Blackwood visited the Underworld and removed the coffer.

The first fourt owners perished under mysterious circumstances, obviously after failing to open them. The coffer was thought to be cursed, before being better understood. The coffer was examined radiographically but without revealing its contents.

It was later held in the Louvre museum, and was bought by Icarus during an auction.