The Lôxôni are an alien species, member of the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings.

They evolved in caverns inside a rogue multiorbital planetoid Lôxôn and as such they are biologically unlike anything known to humanity. There is no other life form on the planet.


Their body is covered by rocky plates and eat minerals. Beween the plates they have several prehensile appendages. Their mouth consists of projecting mandibles used also for clearing passages through the caverns and other labors. they breathe methane and ammonia.


Although living in total darkness, they have ultraviolet sight, enabling them to navigate their caves. Between their plates, they can emanate changing light patterns which they use for communication. They can focus the beams of UV light for long-range communication and identifying types of edible minerals. They also communicate by gestures or writing.

At their earlier stage of evolution they had eardrums, but later they lost the sense of hearing, although remaining sensitive to sonic vibrations.


The Lôxôni are highly moralistic and social. The responsibilities of daily life is communal, including raising their young.


Creation accounts tell of one supreme being who fashioned the universe, and gave the rocks life to fill it and appreciate its beauty. They were a solitary species, being alone on their planet. In their earlier stages they had hearing ability which however was lost.

Technology arose to counter increasing population and changing conditions in Lôxôn's core. They developed anti-gravity survey vehicles to survey the crevasses for food or shelter. Eventually they traveled to space, discovering for the first time they are not alone in the universe. They were among the eldest races of the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings.

Considering the humanity's time-travel technology, they considered it an invaluable tool for self-discovery and petitioned for the release of technology. Following the arrest of Gage Blackwood, they changed their allegiance to requesting its destruction or at least be put in the safekeeping of an elder race of the Symbiotry, citing security as their main concern, and feeling that humanity lacks the necessary discretion to control such a powerful tool. They were joined by the Krynn.