The Krynn are a race of aliens on the aquatic planet Aqueon second planet of the Danmar system. The Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings have recently found and inducted into the Symbiotry.

History Edit

The Krynn evolved without prehensible limbs or usage of tools, but nonteheless developed a high intelligence. Most of the Symbiotry members agreed to grant them prosthetic appendages. They accepted so as to assert their place in the universe. For fifteen generations, the Krynn had been trying to catch up to the evolutionary development level that the other Symbiotry members are currently at.


They maintained a long-standing tradition of fervently supporting every race's right to sovereignty over its own technology but after the arrest of Gage Blackwood they joined the Unwá in the position that time-travel technology is dangerous and should be dismantled.

In 2328, they were expelled from the Symbiotry after ambassador Icarus attempted to steal major artifacts in Earth history to create a time machine.


The Krynn have a streamlined appearance, taking on the appearance of dolphins, but yellow and black, with a bulging head. They are able to glide smoothly through their watery planet and eat small crustaceans and other fish. To accomodate Krynn emissaries and ambassadors, all Symbiotry and embassy facilities provide liquid tanks

Most Krynn have prosthetic limbs attached, as they do not natualy grow them.

The Krynn are able to see with Klegmar Radiation, which their planet naturally emits. Their hearing is similer to humans, and they often communicate within human-audible frequencies. Along with their limbs, they make use of cybernetic implants to extend their sensory awareness.