Dr. Kenneth Farnstein was a reclusive artist/biotechnologist the father of modern neuroscience.


He was born on 7th July, 2179, an exceptionally gifted only child. He attended the best schools and ultimately earned PhD in cognitive science and artificial intelligence. His thesis was an introspective examination of the foundations of sentience. He graduated in 2206.

Soon after he started the hugely successful biotechnology company GenTech, becoming its President and CEO. Despite his wealth, he became bored with his supervisory role and longed for new discoveries. He became a passionate patron of the arts, being involved and supporting the art community.

12 years after the founding of GenTech, he sold off his stock and purchased the decomissioned research station Amarax. He refurbished it, adding several hollowed-out asteroids as modules and removed the station in a secret location, near Saturn.

He invented a revolutionary Neuro-Synaptic Polymer Gel which he later used to simulate human synaptic pathways and eventually to create and raise a true Artificial Intelligence to exhibit self-awareness and creativity. He created Arthur which at first seemed to be an unpredictable, very irrational program with a curiosity and personality. Farnstein was obsessed with 20th-century media and infused his obsession to Arthur.

Sometimes Farnstein desired loneliness and retreated to the automated Hydroponics Module, locking Arthur out. He also dressed up to visit the Atmospheric Mining and enjoy the view inside the hollowed asteroid.

Farnstein set up a studio in the research lab where Arthur could interface and put to canvas things he could not figure out. 2 decades later Farnstein reappered on Earth selling his paintings, admired despite lacking a maturity of style. He generated a controversy and brief flash of popularity claiming that they were made by an artificial intelligence created by him. Farnstein never agreed presenting the "artist" as it would "taint the experiment".

Farnstein suffered from scepticism of the art community and the patronising of his colleagues, considering him senile. His paintings gradually stopped appearing and were forgotten.

When a meteor shower hit Amarax in 2247, Farnstein was in the Research Lab. The meteors caused the section of the corridor collapse and the module was lost.


The Lazy Jane salvage vessel brought several of his works to Earth, impressing the scientists who studied them. His remains were never found, presumably being in the sections destroyed by the space debris.

The neurocomputer core was brought to Earth for study, which was understood only years later by the foremost technologists. Its architecture lead to the development of the biotechnology and the ubiquitous Biochips. The self/here*LIFE sculptures astounded the art world and were recognised as masterpieces.

His thesis was considered a remarkable text and remained a required reading for most students of cognitive science.