The Krynn ambassador in the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings. He said "Even the Krynn cannot deny the truth of this situation and they do not understand how anyone can defend our right to keep such a hazardous technology."

Icarus maintained the Krynn position that each race should have complete autonomy on its own technologies, but the position changed after the arrest of Agent 5. Since then Icarus tried to gain the support of the envoys infighting about the abolishment of the technology. When he met again resistance, he exclaimed that humanity is too obstinate and naive race to have been voted into the symbiotry.

Frustrated by the lack of progress in the talks concerning humanity's time travel technology, he stormed out of the talks.

He approached Agent 3, who came to believe that time travel is too dangerous a technology to be held only by humans and he promised her that the Krynn would allow the technology to be available for all species.

Icarus caught Gage Blackwood (from 2319) when he transported to the Krynn ship. Icarus activated a security robot that grabbed Gage by both arms. As he was trapped, Icarus explained that the artifacts were a means to correct the handicap that has plagued his race since their 'patrons' lifted them out of the waters many centuries ago.

He went on to explain how he has paved the way for the Krynn to replace humanity as a vital member of the Symbiotry. The security robot took Gage and placed him in the right transporter to remove from him the JumpSuit, even if he would die without it.

Gage used a burnt out generator core. He placed it in his temporal pocket after he installed the new one. He took the core out and threw it with all his might. It smashed through the force field and pushed Icarus into another transporter which was supposed to transport inorganic matter. Gage dashed forward and pushed the transporting button, eliminating Icarus' metal prosthetics. The ambassador broke out of the transporter and swam away.