Hypsolophodon is a small to medium size carnivorous dinosaur found in the 200,000,000 BC time period.

The hypsolophdon can be found guarding its eggs in a cave, Gage Blackwood risks becoming Dinner Time, and fed to the young infant creatures if he is not careful.

Behind the scenesEdit

Actually the hypsilophodon (the name is misspelled in Pegasus Prime) was a vegetarian ornithid of the early cretaceous period, about 140,000,000 BC. The name comes from the teeth of the creature which were used for grinding its food prior to swallowing.

The image of the "hypsolophodon" (sic) is also used for the death Stranded in Pegasus Prime.

The dinosaur in the image is perhaps closer to Deinonychus which existed about 100,000,000 BC.

Perhaps the closest meat eating dinosaur of this period might be the coelophysis which lived during the late Triassic period, although its not a perfect match.