The High Priest's Grave is a Mayan pyramid located outside Chichén Itzá, built as a replica of El Castillo.

It was believed to be a ceremonial pyramid dedicated to the Masters of the Night which was later turned into a tomb. The pyramid was built above a vast tunnel of caverns resembling the Mayan Underworld.

In 2027 an archaeological dig revealed the previously undiscovered cavern. The Mayan Coffer was discovered there.


Each side of the building has a row of hieroglyphics which according to the Omniglot DM they read the following:

  • Only after passing the trials may a supplicant gain counsel with the gods to pay homage.
  • A supplicant must prove his worth by passing the trials of the Underworld
  • Libations must be made to the Lords of the Night to gain passage into the realms of the Underworld.

The interior of the building has the following inscriptions

  • The Holy Vessel contains the breath of Itzamná. To touch the Holy Vessel is to become a vessel of the word of Itzamná.
  • Homage must be paid to the four Lords of the Night before the layman is allowed to touch the Holy Vessel of ordainment.
  • The Chac Mool grants entrance to the Underworld only on Sacred Days.
  • (List of deities and their sacred dates)