A technology of instant travel around the world. It was operated with a personal ID card.

It works with technology based on reintegration of molecules, pioneered by Dr. Candace White. It records the passenger's organic substratum and then performs molecular disintegration. Only a single organism could travel; any foreign organisms such as insects had to be eliminated.

The advent of the transporter contributed to the decrease of criminal activity worldwide.

The Temporal Security Annex was a top secret location, inaccessible from the outside, and accessible only by its agents through such a transporter.

Gage Blackwood's Caldoria ID card (XD-250) granted access to the following locations:


The arrival of a fly and its elimination to prevent any disorder, is obviously an in-joke reference to The Fly. In that 1986 horror film a scientist, while experimenting with teleportation technology, begins to mutate horribly after a fly enters his transportation pod and they are merged into a single entity.

The player must visit only the Annex and (near the end of the game) return to Caldoria. If any other destinations are selected, it will result to game over as reality will be destroyed.