DefSub 62 also DefSub 2 was one of the submarines of the Norad VI base.

During one of its missions it performed visual analysis for Beta and Gamma Sectors of the base for cracks. The captain then reported to the Sub Control that they were proceeding to Gamma Sector 1 to conduct radioactivity tests to some leaky oil drops. However the DefSub leader warned him to hold their position as the base was in a full scale red alert: an android from the future invaded the base.

The transmission was intercepted by Gage Blackwood from Norad Alpha Sub Bay 3, who also came from the future to stop the android. Blackwood then boarded DefSub 4 in order to access Delta Sector.

DefSub Commander soon reported that they lost communications from all sectors and also warned about an unauthorised launch from sub bay Alpha. He ordered 62 to intercept the unauthorised submarine, even with lethal force. The Command was en route to Norad, but 20 clicks SW so could not give direct backup. Only the Beta and Gamma Sector had online outer defense systems and could support with torpedo fire.

As Blackwood approached Beta Sector, the operator of 62 sent a transmission to Blackwood, ordering him to stop the vessel and turn off the autopilot system. Receiving no response, 62 reported to Sub Control that he'd proceed with elimination of the vessel but Blackwood avoided all three torpedoes.