Blackwood Residence
Spacial-Temporal Information
Date 10:35AM 9-15-2318 AD
Longitude 122_9_29_W
Latitude 44_10_23_N
Game information
Game Buried in Time

The Blackwood Residence is Gage Blackwood's apartment, located in the Pacific Northwest, North America.

He was relocated there from Caldoria sometimes between 2319 and 2329.

After being accused for tampering with history, he was tried by the United Ministry Complex and then released to house arrest. A force field prevented him from exiting the apartment. However he contacted William Daughton to fetch his JumpSuit, to escape house confinement. With his JumpSuit he went to Caldoria Heights Apartments, seeking help from his past self who was transfered to the apartment.


The apartment had a kitchen supplied with a VAL9000, and an isolated Environment system room.

Blackwood had collected several items, like magazines, android action figures, shelves with fake books, and an answering machine on his desk.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Jump animation before visiting the apartment gives the date 2318. However this is wrong, as the timeline establishes that the game takes place in 2329.

The coordinates given during the time-jump animation place the Blackwood Residence in an empty field in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.

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