The Artificial intelligence module was a module in the BioTech Interface in The Journeyman Project Turbo! (and original version). The BioTech Interface communicates through a pop-out message screen on the left side of the interface.

It was a mostly text based A.I. system (it is capable of limited speech in a male voice pattern, but this was largely used to warn about energy levels and when being scanned), and was capable of assessing dangers and issuing warning beeps to Temporal Protectorate agents in the field. It also warned agents if they were tardy for work.

This AI appears to at least in part tied to the Temporal Security Annex, and welcomes agents entering the base, and logging their the times the enter, and also alerting when there is a Temporal distortion, getting the BioSupport Suit, and choosing a time destination.

The standard voice pattern is however also similar to the one used when using the the transporter device.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Pegasus Prime this is replaced with the Articial Intelligence Biochip which offers further advanced features, and direct connection to TSA's Artificial Intelligence (AI), and certain interactions with Jack Baldwin.

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