"Get out of my way human, or die"
Ares SL BA175 is one of the androids sent by Dr. Elliot Sinclair back in time.

The robot was apparently constructed during 2310 as its hologram could be seen in Sinclair Laboratories.

Ares was specifically sent to the Morimoto Colony of Mars when an alien ship examined the human colony in 2185. Ares was tasked to sabotage the atmospheric Shield Generator and then took Shuttle Two from the East Gantry. He flew away from Mars and destroy the alien ship.

As a result, humanity blamed the aliens as responsible for the destruction.

Gage Blackwood followed Ares and restored the damage he made in the systems of the colony by circuit-linking to the detonator. Then he rode a shuttle and intercepted Ares' ship. When he weakened its energy, he teleported on board and took several biochips from his central processor chamber. The android was set to self-destruct and Gage was transferred back to the present.

Ares carries the biochips Trace, Mapping and Optical Mem.


It is possible to destroy Ares' ship before teleporting, but that way the player won't obtain his biochips.

Ares is the Greek name of Mars.

Pegasus Prime spells his name as "Aries".