200,000,000 BC (aka 2x10^8 BC or Prehistoric) is a timeline that appears in Pegasus Prime. The period is set on an unstable island that is about to collapse and be destroyed in a short time.

It is located in the S.E. Pacific Rim (latitude and longitude 10 1' 40" about 124 meters above sea level)

The island was chosen because it was geologically unstable and would be destroyed in an upcoming eruption, thus destroying all evidence of the TSA's presence.

Behind the scenesEdit

It replaces the 199,997,682 BC from the original game.

This would be the equivalent of the late Triassic period.

Actually most of the dinosaurs mentioned or shown in the game would exist around the early Cretaceous period or around 140,000,000 to 65 million BC, well after the period portrayed in the game

The latitude and longitude would place it in about the same location as present day Nigeria, the eastern edge of the Atlantic, western side of Africa (ironically just about where the location of the site was shown on the globe in the original Journeyman Project).

South-East pacific rim is where Norad VI is located, so its appearance as this time zone is most likely a developer's oversight.