Spacial-Temporal Information
Date 11-6-199,997,682 BC
Elevation 352.51m
Longitude 141_21_47_E
Latitude 9_41_38_N
Items Historical Log
Game information
Game The Journeyman Project Turbo! (and original version)

199,997,682 BC (aka Prehistoric) is a time period.

Background Edit

The location exists on the edge of a stable continent (shown to be roughly on the coast of Africa) (Longitude 140° 81′ 47″ E, Latitude 9° 41′ 38″ N). Beyond the cliff one can see a great and lush volcano in the distance. The continent is inhabited by Pterodactyls and Tyrannosauruses.

The location where Gage Blackwood is transported on 6 November is high up just above a 350 meter cliff (elevation 352.51m,, and behind him leads through a desolate red canyon. At the end of the canyon is a dead end wall, with a panel marked with the Temporal Security Annex symbol. Behind the panel is a locking mechanism that opens up revealing the Historical Log.

If for any reason Gage Blackwood was to run out of energy in this time period, he would be stuck in the past and eventually eaten by a Pterodactyl.

Behind the scenesEdit

A couple of overviews in the original game also refer to it as 200 million years ago, but in that game they are aproximating (the destination selection, pegasus biochip, and BioTech Imterface are more specific).

In Pegasus Prime this period is replaced with the 200,000,000 BC (2x10^8 BC) time period, located on an unstable island.

This would be the equivalent of the Rhaetian or Hettangian ages. Technically at this time would be about the middle of the stable Pangea which formed 300,000,000 BC and started breaking up around 100,000,000 BC. Africa at this time was surrounded continental plates that would later split and form the modern continents. Actually most of the dinosaurs mentioned or shown in the game would exist around the Cretaceous period or around 140,000,000 to 65 million BC, well after the period portrayed in the game.

There is discrepancy between the small map indicator, and the coordinates 140° 18′ 47″ E, 9° 41′ 38″ N given: The map places the island close to Nigeria, Africa, however the coordinates roughly correspond to a location between Palau and Guam in the S.W. Pacific. Note also that the minutes on the longitude (81′) is an impossible number in the present World Geodetic System (the above link assumes the number 140° 81′ corresponds to 141° 21′).

Interestingly, the discrepancy is reversed in Pegasus Prime: the location is given in the S.E. Pacific Rim (which is closer to the longitude and latitude in the original game, although opposite sides of the pacific) however the given cordinates would be close to the location that appears on the original map.